Snow Removal

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Snow Blowing and Snow Plowing

It’s no secret that the winter months can be brutal in the upper peninsula of Michigan. And when Mother Nature decides to unleash her wrath on us with one of her major dumps of snow, things can come to a standstill . . . that is until you contact the reliable team at Christruction Inc. We’re fully equipped to handle blowing and plowing large amounts of snow. If you cannot get your vehicle out of your driveway or lane to get to work, or you need to clear snow from your sidewalk so that visitors can safely get up to and around your home or office, we’re here for you.

We have a fleet of heavy-duty trucks with the proper equipment to clear your home’s driveway, business parking lot, or residential street. We know how important it is to get out to your destination.

Keeping your home or office cleared from heavy snow buildup is also a priority. When a large amount of snow accumulates on the roof of your home or office, give us a quick call. We’ll arrive with our snow-blowing equipment to get your roof or other spaces cleared off in no time to prevent leaks or collapse.

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